Mercury is a former Team Galactic commander who is infamous throughout Lomeoh for forming the society that is Team Judgement.

  • RHYPERIOR: Lv. 45
  • Stone Edge, Earthquake, Surf, Horn Drill
  • GOLDUCK: Lv. 45
  • Water Gun, Zen Headbutt, Surf, Fury Swipes
  • VICTREEBEL: Lv. 45
  • Vine Whip, Leaf Storm, Toxic, Wrap
  • CHANSEY: Lv. 45
  • Soft Boiled, Mega Punch, Psychic, Sing
  • DUSKNOIR: Lv. 45
  • Shadow Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Psychic


  • RHYPERIOR Lv. 85
  • Stone Edge, Earthquake, Surf, Horn Drill
  • GOLDUCK Lv. 85
  • Hydro Pump, Zen Headbutt, Surf, Blizzard
  • VICTREEEL Lv. 85
  • Leaf Storm, Toxic, Giga Drain, Gastro Acid
  • BLISSEY Lv. 85
  • Thunder, Blizzard, Fire Blast, Recover
  • DUSKNOIR Lv. 85
  • Shadow Punch,Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Psychic
  • ABOMASNOW Lv. 87
  • Wood Hammer, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Iron Tail

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